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    [DETAILED]Forsaken City Guide by superNL[OBTAIN RING GEMS]



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    [DETAILED]Forsaken City Guide by superNL[OBTAIN RING GEMS]

    Post by superNL on Mon Dec 21, 2015 8:21 am

    Hi everyone and welcome to my guide for Forsaken City

    First of all, the basics from Forsaken City you have to know before entering.

    • You can enter Forsaken city when you are level 30. Max level is level 45. If you are 29 or below, 46 and above.. you can't enter Forsaken city.
    • Forsaken city is a PK(Player Kill) area. That means another player not from your guild can kill you. And that also means you can kill them.
    • Forsaken city is not opened all the time. It opens for 1 hour, but you can stay inside for 2 hours. It opens every 3 hours.
    • To enter Forsaken City you will need a ship.
    • In Forsaken City you can farm gems for your Rings/Necklaces.
    • Forsaken City has three sections/floors, we will walkthrough them all.

    First of all, we have to make a character lv45, this can be done with using the lv45 training book and RELOG afterwards!

    First we have to go to "Lardan - Suplies Merchant" and trade him. Lardan can be found somewhere around 2172|2811 in the region Ascaron

    I suggest to buy:

    • Ampflier of Luck for a better drop rate
    • Lantarn for more defense
    • Power Sail for faster sailing
    • Skating Potion for faster walking
    • Ancient Generator, this you will need to enter Forsaken City(Like TOP1)
    • No-Exp Stone, while having this item in your inventory you will NOT gain any exp.

    Optional: Getting a Pet
    A pet can be traded with "Jessie - Pet Tamer", you can find here around 2155|2813 in the region Ascaron. You have to talk with here about "Fairies on Sale!"

    I suggest to buy:

    • A second generation fairy(or two mordo's and marriage them to a MJr)
    • Fairy (auto) ration
    • Fruit for level your pet
    • Expert Possession (Can by bought at second tab)
    • Standard protection/meditation/magic/recover

    Optional: Getting a movement speed Necklace
    You can obtain a starters movement necklace by talking to "Adelaide the Accessorizer" (2136|2800) about "Do you want to be fast? take this".

    Optional: Getting Rings
    You can obtain lv40 rings by the NPC "Frena the Surplus Merchant" (2125|2793) and navigate to the second tab.(the one with a shield icon). Just choice the rings what fits to your class.

    Class Changer
    You can change your class easily by talking to "promoter Samras" (2116|2805).

    Getting Skills
    Skill for each class can be obtained around 2056|2753, Talk here to the NPC from your class and buy the skills what you want.

    Getting Equipment
    For the best lv45 equipment we head to Omni City using the teleporter "Mystra the Planeswalker" 2172|2737 and teleport to "Omni City Eastern Gates".

    When you arrived at Omni City you have to talk to "BlackSmith Masamune" 208|134 and "trade him". Here you can buy the best upstart equipements. Buy here the equipements what suits your class.

    Getting a Ship
    Teleport back to Argent city and go to "argobot023 - SinBad"(2232|2804) and talk about "Build Ship". Afterwars buy a ship of choose.

    Set Sail
    After you have bought a ship it's time to go sailing, first teleport to Shaitan City and talk with "Obscure Harbor Operator"(825|3707) and talk about "set sail".

    Set sailing to (1506|3666) and enter here to portal to Forsaken City (Note: this portal will be open at specific times only)

    Enter land by docking at (296|326)

    Forsaken City 1

    Forsaken City 2

    Forsaken City 3

    Gems what can be obtained

    Credits: superNL

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    Re: [DETAILED]Forsaken City Guide by superNL[OBTAIN RING GEMS]

    Post by Nightcore on Mon Dec 21, 2015 11:51 pm

    And rings/necks details? its like u just made copy and apste a guide from top2 forum to this lol... Also for fc1 map there isnt chests spawn side, check it out. kinda useless "guide".

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